Research Translation Funding Scheme

Overview and intent

The Melbourne Disability Institute is committed to supporting the translation of research findings into policy or practice. The MDI Research Translation Funding Scheme is intended to provide funding and network support to research programs or bodies of work which have reached ‘critical mass’ of knowledge which would benefit from targeted knowledge translation.

The Scheme is intended to support integrated knowledge translation involving co-production process with knowledge users. In some cases the MDI can also provide knowledge translation support and facilitate introduction to knowledge users.

Academics who are working on disability research programs which have produced a body of knowledge that would benefit from focused knowledge translation are encouraged to apply. Applications which involve researchers interested in this topic from different disciplines will be favoured.

How funding can be used

The Research Translation fund can be used in a number of ways:

  1. For University of Melbourne academic or professional staff costs
  2. To enable an integrated approach which includes knowledge users from the beginning or early in a project.
  3. To develop resources, guidelines or other knowledge sharing materials or products.
  4. To coordinate outreach, small group sessions, workshops, mass media campaigns or other proven knowledge transfer activities.

Please note the MDI Research Translation Fund does not fund activities such as travelling to conferences, journal publishing fees or didactic seminars/webinars (some seminars can be funded through the MDI Event Support scheme)

Eligibility criteria

  • Project must be led by an academic with a salaried position at the University of Melbourne of at least 0.4FTE
  • Project must align with one of the MDI Strategic Themes
  • The research underpinning the knowledge transfer activity must have produced a sufficient body of knowledge and highly relevant key messages.
  • The knowledge produced must have an impact on the health and well-being of people with disability.
  • The timing for targeted translation activities must be right; with sufficient knowledge produced and an appetite from end-users for change.

The MDI Research Translation funding scheme will open in early 2020. If you have any questions or would like to register your interest please contact Tessa de Vries on