Inclusive trams

Project title: Inclusive Trams

What is this research about?
Trams are an important part of Melbourne's transport system, and one of the city's most recognisable cultural icons. Yet the design of trams and tram stops, as well as issues such as overcrowding and limited coverage, mean not all Melburnians benefit equally from this public resource. The state government has committed to large scale investment in the renewal of Melbourne's tram network system, and the purpose of this study is to produce evidence on the improvements necessary to make our trams more inclusive for everyone.

Inclusive Trams Online Survey
Access the plain language summary here.

We are gathering preliminary data to determine what improvements are necessary to make our trams more inclusive. Should you agree to participate, you will be asked to fill in an online survey. It will include questions about how frequently you use trams, and issues preventing you from using trams or impacting positively or negatively on the experience of tram journeys. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

If you choose, you can also provide us your contact details to participate in a follow up interview. The interviews will cover similar questions, but more open ended to learn in more depth about your experiences with trams. The interviews will be done over the phone or a Zoom video conversation, at a mutually agreed time. They will be up to 45 minutes long, and with your permission will be audio or video recorded.

Access the survey via the button or the link below:

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What are the possible benefits?
The data collected in this study about barriers people face to using trams, or issues negatively affecting their use of trams, will be used to influence government, and tram designers and operators to design and operate the tram system in a more inclusive way.

What are the possible risks?
We do not anticipate any risks to you as a participant in the study.

Any personal information you share with us will be kept completely confidential. If you give your name and contact details to participate in the prize draw or the follow up interviews, we will keep those separately from your responses to the survey.

If you experience discomfort or distress talking about negative experiences using trams, you can skip questions or stop the interview or survey at any time.

Do I have to take part?
No. Participation is completely voluntary.

If you agreed to do an interview, and then changed your mind, you can withdraw at any time. If you withdraw after the interview has been completed, we will delete all data collected in your interview.
If you have submitted your survey responses online, and then changed your mind, we may not be able to delete your responses because they are anonymised.

Will I hear about the results of this project?
A report communicating the results from this study will be freely available on the Melbourne Disability Institute website. You can also contact Ilan Wiesel at to request a copy.

What will happen to information about me?
Your survey responses will be kept in a dataset stored on a password protected folder on the University of Melbourne servers. If you provided your name and contact information they will be kept separately from your survey responses to protect your privacy.

If you choose to participate in an interview, the audio recording of your interview will be transcribed into text by a professional transcription service. The transcript will be kept secure on a password protect folder on the University of Melbourne servers.

All data will be kept for five years after the completion of the study.

Where can I get further information?
If you would like more information about the project, please contact the researchers; Associate Professor Ilan Wiesel, Email: You can also access the complete plain language summary here.

Who can I contact if I have any concerns about the project?
This project has human research ethics approval from The University of Melbourne.

If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this research project, which you do not wish to discuss with the research team, you should contact the Research Integrity Administrator, Office of Research Ethics and Integrity, University of Melbourne, VIC 3010. Tel: +61 8344 1814 or Email: All complaints will be treated confidentially.

In any correspondence please provide the name of the research team and/or the name or ethics ID number of the research project.

Research Team
Associate Professor Ilan Wiesel,

Additional Researchers:
Professor Bruce Bonyhady, Dr Jason Thompson, Mr Campbell Message