Disability Justice Lens: Disability Equity and Inclusion in the Australian Screen Industry

A research project led by Dr Radha O’Meara in conjunction with A2K Media.

Disability and Screen Work in Australia: Report for Industry 2023

Abstract: A report into experiences of and attitudes towards disabled people working in the Australian screen industry has found that disabled workers face prejudice and discrimination on a regular basis. But disabled screen workers also report that their experience of disability can have positive impacts, making them valuable contributors to the Australian screen industry. The first research of its kind in Australia, this report is based on a national survey of 518 people and 10 in-depth interviews with people working in the Australian screen industry. Screen stories and imagery significantly influence Australian culture and the screen industry employs over 200,000 people nationally.

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To cite this report:

O’Meara R, Dunstan L, Ryan C, and Debinski A 2023, Disability and Screen Work in Australia: Report for Industry, Melbourne Disability Institute.

Partner Organisation:

A2K Media (link: https://www.a2kmedia.com.au/)

This research was funded by MDI and A2K Media through the Community Based Research Program.

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