Disability Justice Lens: Disability Equity and Inclusion in the Australian Screen Industry

Disability Justice Lens - A quantitative and qualitative snapshot of the current labour force conditions for disabled workers in the Australian screen industry.

A research project led by Dr Radha O’Meara in conjunction with A2K Media.

Screen stories and imagery significantly influence Australian culture and the screen industry employs over half a million people nationally. It is time to highlight the benefits, obligations, challenges and barriers surrounding disabled workers in the screen industry.

A literature review will establish the current state of knowledge around disabled labour in the Australian screen industry. An online survey and interviews will gather data to gauge the extent of current labour force participation and inclusion by disabled people in the Australian screen industry, including paid and unpaid labour. A report for the Australian screen industry will identify and evaluate key issues in labour force conditions including experiences, attitudes, supports, discrimination and barriers. A2K Media will develop a related training program for the screen industry.

Our Disability and Screen in Australia Survey has now closed.

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This project is being completed in collaboration with A2K Media.

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