PhD Projects

Each year the Melbourne Disability Institute gives Scholarships to students with an interest in disability and truly collaborative and inclusive research.

(Note: This page is in the process of being updated)

PhD Scholarships - 2021

Marlies Wanasili

Dr Cathy Said
Project description:

Kerry Britt

Professor Christine Imms
Project description:

Heidi Peart

Dr Piers Gooding
Project description:

PhD Scholarships - 2020

Ludmila Fleitas Alfonzo

Project: Young Carers
Supervisors: Dr Tania King
Project description: This project aims to identify the causal pathways that contribute to poorer life outcomes among young carers. It will inform the implementation of programs and policies to support young carers, and in doing so, will reduce disparities and improve the economic, social, health and educational outcomes of this vulnerable group.

John Carey

Project: CycLink, Linking children and young people with disability to community participation in cycling Supervisors: Professor Alicia Spittle, Dr Rachel Toovey, Professor Christine Imms and Profesoor Nora Shields.
Project description: This research will aim to develop and support inclusive cycling opportunities for children and young people with disability in the community.

PhD Scholarships - 2018 - 2019

Johanna Taylor

Project: School Refusal, Disability and Early intervention: Validation of a School Refusal Screening Tool to Promote Access to Intervention
Supervisors: Dr Lisa McKay-Brown, Dr Shiralee Poed 
Project description: This research aims to increase the capacity of teachers in Victoria to meet the needs of students who are at-risk of disengaging from school through the development of a screening tool for at risk students and professional learning for teachers to assist in the development of strategies for students at-risk of school refusal.

Marissa Sheilds

Project: Employment for young Australians with a disability
Supervisors: Dr Allison Milner
Project description: This project aims to create much-needed evidence about the individual, service-related, workplace and contextual factors that contribute to successful employment and health outcomes for young people who either have a disability or who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.