Stuck in the middle

Accessing appropriate and affordable housing is an ongoing challenge for many people with disability. What are the current housing options and are there longer term solutions?

Appropriate housing is a vital foundation that supports education and employment pathways, yet many people with disability face overwhelming housing inequalities. Current research shows that people with disability are at much greater risk of living in unaffordable housing.

This episode focuses on what the private rental and public housing options are for people with disability and how the housing market is responding to changes under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We find out about initiatives such as individualised supported living and shared equity arrangements. We hear about a community housing initative in Castlemaine that's aimed at helping people to thrive in a home sweet home of their own, and we learn about accessible housing design as championed by the Summer Foundation. The episode explores the broader policy context as researchers discuss what is needed to deliver a housing system that’s fair, equitable and safe for the growing number of Australians with disability.

Guests: Zoe Aitken, Professor Keith McVilly and Dr Ilan Wiesel from the University of Melbourne; Oliver Hunter, Comedian and hopeful Melbournite; Leonie and Todd Briggs, Sue and Josh Dixon, Beverley Vines from MASARG, and Queenie Tran from Summer Housing.

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Producer: Joel Supple | Host: Tessa de Vries | Co-production: Mellissa Kavenagh and Sara Donaldson

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