Democratising disability data

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Our purpose

To achieve safe and secure access to disability data and statistics to provide the evidence needed to optimise services and policy to facilitate better lives of Australians with disability, their families and carers.

Who are we?

A coalition of Australian researchers and stakeholders in the disability sector committed to capitalising on data related to disability, so we learn from practice and continually refine services and policy to achieve better outcomes.

Our coalition includes academics and universities; disability advocacy organisations; disability services and non-government organisations. We welcome individuals and organisations who support our purpose to sign up to the Coalition.

The Melbourne Disability Institute auspices the secretariat for the Coalition and Professor Bruce Bonyhady and Professor Kavanagh lead the initiative.

Building unity

Unity across the disability sector is essential for success. Our aim is to build unity and engage with champions across the disability and academic sectors, in relation to democratising disability data. We aim to build a broad coalition, including governments and key stakeholders within the broader community, because major progress requires allies and building and maintaining public trust and confidence.

We encourage official statistics agencies to produce broad statistics describing people with disability in Australia and the services to support them, notably using data on participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the support they receive.

We welcome organisations and individuals, particularly people with disability, advocacy organisations and other disability sector organisations, to become Members of the Coalition and work with us to deliver this very important initiative.

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